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LUSK puzzle out On-line
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Competition rules

  1. Crossword puzzle competition is an annual monthlty problem solving competition in solving puzzles and tasks on the principle of sudoku. Individual round starts on the first day of the month and ends on the fifth day after the end of the month. Contest is subject to these Competition Rules. Competition will be announced and listed on the website and www.lusk.cz and www.cshak.cz, and anyone can participate as authenticated user - Solver.
  2. Only e-amil is required for enter the competition. E-mail is a private value and it is used only to login solvers in the competition and any communication with them. To subscribe solvers can use their existing accounts at seznam.cz or google.com or mojeid.cz.
  3. In each round will be almost daily crossword solvers presented one created in accordance with the guidelines for creating crosswords or one task on the principle of sudoku. The time taken to resolve them during the entire round. Last chance to send the solution is the fifth day of the following month. After this deadline, the deadline will turn. All the solutions that come after the closing date for the competition is already discounted.
  4. The winners of the competition round shall be those researchers who have shelled most puzzles. If competition round awarded a prize and winners will be two or more, so the winner of a prize draw with the winners.
  5. Management solution solver can verify by clicking the "Evaluate", which is always part of the job to crosswords or sudoku principle. If the solution is correct, it automatically saved in the profile. About this recording, the investigator informed the message in the dialog box: "The solution was recorded in your profile."
  6. The proper solution is recognized only to the letter the same solution to copyright solution. Any other solution is not included in the evaluation. The correct solution is disclosed.
  7. Table with the current order of solvers in the competition round will be available on the "Results of the competition."
  8. Winners will be included in the Hall of Fame or receive material or other prizes.
  9. Complaints, protests, comments and suggestions send via form Complaints and protests.
  10. Competition organized by server owners www.lusk.cz in cooperation with Czech Riddle and Crossword Solvers Union.